Hot Jewellery Trends This Season


While there`s obviously a lot to be said for smart tailoring and a well chosen outfit, complimentary accessories can make all the difference. With a little ingenious accessorising anyone, whether fashion-phobic or fashionista, can transform a basic ensemble into something quirky and original. Accessories, for example a well chosen necklace or cute waist-defining belt, also have the ability to convert an outfit from `day-wear` to something suitable for wearing out in the evening. Yet while it is obvious that large accessories such as belts, scarves and bags will make a noticeable difference to any outfit, it`s also the small touches that count. That`s why girls should be taking note of the hottest jewellery trends this winter, which are particularly ideal for ensuring that you impress during this year`s Christmas party season!

There were a number of key jewellery trends seen on the Autumn/Winter `08 catwalks, all of which could be adapted to be worn with either a casual outfit, or something a little more formal. One item which appeared to be particularly popular was the trusty bangle. The beauty of the bangle is that they are available in a plethora of colours, shapes and textures, and are thus suitable for both casual wear ? one or two bangles that adhere to a similar theme ? and evening wear ? as many bangles as you can fit on our arm, of all shapes and sizes! The so-called `statement chain` was also a favourite of many designers, consisting of multi-stranded chains decorated with eclectic trinkets as well as over-the-top gilt chains. Simple and smaller versions of these necklaces are the perfect accompaniment to a casual outfit, whereas a really big and bold version is just the thing for livening up the simple dresses that are in vogue this season.

Oversized earrings are also back this winter, and while they may make your poor earlobes a little sore, they look great with almost any outfit ? especially seeing as they`re the only jewellery visible under all the layers made necessary by the chilly winter weather! For a more casual look, large earrings look great when teamed with a classic jeans and jumper combo, adding a little glamorous twist to a standard day-time outfit. Earrings, like statement necklaces, also compliment a simple or plain evening dress perfectly, though be careful to choose one or the other, as you really can have too much of a good thing. A good guide might be to go by how you intend to wear your hair ? if your hair is either short or worn up, oversized earrings will look great and really eye-catching. However, if you wish to wear your hair down it`s best to go for a bold necklace, as earrings are likely to go unseen.

Other hot trends this season include chokers, pendants, bows, cocktail rings and the ever-popular vintage glamour, so as you can see there`s something out there for everyone. Whichever styles catch your eye make sure you have fun with accessorising, as it`s through experimenting that you`re mostly likely to discover your new favourite look. And as an added bonus, you can buy all of this fashion jewellery online.


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